• Native American and Indigenous Communities

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    Native American and Indigenous communities have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis. From individuals contracting the illness to disparities in access to technology for remote learning, there are unique and very serious challenges facing these communities.


    COVID Story Project aims to give space for anyone to share their experiences during this pandemic. We are partnering with Native Americans In Philanthropy to collect audio recordings from Indigenous peoples in order to uplift the voices from these communities. Please click the Tell Your Story button below to record your story.

  • About the Project

    The Covid Story Project is a storytelling platform for anyone to share their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic through short (2-4 minute) audio recordings. During this unique time in our history, we want to hear the quirky, uplifting, surreal, honest, and everyday moments that we're all experiencing.


    The goal of the Covid Story Project is to collect your story and that of many others to ensure that the diversity of human experience in 2020 is known for generations to come.

  • Suggestions for your story...

    You can talk about whatever you want, but here are some categories that can help you think about what you want to record:


    • Everyday heroes
    • Self-isolation: the light side
    • A story about someone I love
    • Resilience: story that help us imagine a better future
    • Being a teenager during Covid
    • Things I never would have done in normal times
    • Juggling parenting and other responsibilities
    • Shout-out to objects, things and products that have made this more livable or tolerable
    • A Covid-related poem or song
    • Or anything else!