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    Door Dash

    Hi. I am Bugle. I am a Karen refugee originally from Burma. Now I live in Utica, New York. I just want to share things that I am doing and things that I am learned to make during Covid 19 Quarantine time. since Covid 19 has spread, most companies and restaurants have been lockdown and everyone has to stay home unless they have important things to do outside. For me, I did not stay home since Covid 19 has started. I did Door dash and Grubhub delivery every single day.

    Delivery was so busy, and I made good money every week. Mostly, I start doing delivery around 4 pm to 9 pm. The reason why I do delivery in the evening because I have an online class in the morning and sometimes, I have an appointment with my STA 101 professor. My parents did not want me to do delivery during Covid 19 pandemic. I was thinking, if I do not do this work, and risk my life, I could not pay my tuition for next semester.


    Here are things that I learned to make during quarantine time. The first thing that I learned to make is steamed pork bun. The first time when I started making steamed pork bun, it turned out really bad since I did not know how to mix the ingredients and the flour. But I tried to make every Sunday night then it now turns out good and delicious. Another thing that I like to make is steak. I love steak. One last thing is I tried to make an apple pie. I remember when I worked in Rome owl wired company, one of my American friends brought apple pie and he gave me two slices every day. His apple pie is so good. He made it by himself. That is where I started to like and eat an apple pie. And I now try to do make it but it still doesn’t turn out good. I will keep making until it turns out as good as him.