• We're Hiring!

    Story Producer - Contract

    Memria is looking for a Story Producer to join the team and help run The Covid Story Project.
    The ideal candidate for this role will be an independent self-starter with experience producing or reporting on stories for media outlets. Must have hustle!

    Responsibilities include:

    • Sourcing stories from the public, and encouraging people to record their stories
    • Facilitating story collection and distribution through the Memria platform or through other means (voice memos, etc…)
    • Curating submitted stories for publication on the website and social media
    • Managing The Covid Story Project’s social media pages and accounts, and regularly pushing new content and increasing viewership of posted content
    • Representing and promoting the project with donors and other stakeholders
    This is a temporary position, duration based on funding (min 2 - 3 months). Background and previous experience might include:
    • experience in digital marketing and social media
    • experience with radio production, editing, podcasts, etc
    • project management experience
    • generalist experience in communications
    • a demonstrated interest in and experience with the power and potential of stories to make a difference