• Partnership Opportunities with COVID Story Project

    From social media cross-posting to formal enterprise accounts for MEMRIA, there are many ways we're seeking collaborations!

    About COVID Story Project


    The goal of the COVID Story Project is to collect stories from everyday people that show the diversity of human experience during COVID-19. This digital archive of first-hand stories can then live on for generations to come. We believe that anyone can tell a story so there's no experience needed to tell or record a story!

    Why Should You Partner with COVID Story Project?

    COVID Story Project helps tell the stories of regular people and because of its accessibility, our reach includes a diverse group of individuals who have submitted stories, as well as those who refer back to the site to listen to more stories. By partnering with COVID Story Project, you're helping individuals across the country (and the world) feel seen and heard. This partnership is defined by you and can be adaptable to your organization.


    How it Works:

    Social Media Cross Promotion

    If you're interested in helping us promote this project, we'd love your support! We are also open to cross-posting your key content if the mission is aligned with CSP's goals. This cross-promotional social partnership would also include adding your Brand's logo and URL on our site.


    Social Copy:

    • Your story matters! @covidstoryproject is looking for YOU to share your #COVID19 experience. Record your story at covidstoryproject.com/ to be part of a collection of global contributors and capture this historic moment.
    • Do you have a #COVID19 experience you want to share? @covidstoryproject is a storytelling project dedicated to sharing the day to day stories of people during COVID19. Submit now at covidstoryproject.com/
    • From stories about food and family to pieces about resilience and milestones celebrated at home - @covidstoryproject is collecting everyday stories told from normal people during #COVID19. Head to covidstoryproject.com/ to read more and submit your story!

    Link to Graphics for Download


    Please reach out to kim@memria.org to talk about social promotion options and promotional information for display on covidstoryproject.com

    Story Gathering Enterprise Software


    COVID Story Project is a program under MEMRIA, a web-based audio storytelling tool that makes capturing stories seamless for the user as well as those collecting the story. Storytellers use a simple recording interface to audio record their story with any images they'd like to submit.


    If your organization is collecting COVID-19 related stories, we can offer free usage of MEMRIA. We can create a button specifically for your organization to place on your website so that, when promoting on social media, we can tag your organization and spread these stories to wider audiences.


    If you’re interested in partnering together and discuss how we might be able to collaborate on collecting COVID-related stories, please use this link to book time or email kim@memria.org.

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